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portobello foods products
Portobello Food Ready Made Meals

Portobello Foods - Perth

Our mission: Quality and convenient fresh, delicious and healthy foods!

Our aim is to create ready cooked convenience meals that are HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS.

Our products are not mass produced to a budget, like most of our competitors do, they are made to taste good and are presented to you at an affordable price for the quality we have achieved. We only use the best quality ingredients, adding no preservatives and our prime focus is on fresh, delicious, nutritious and healthy food.

Our aim on prepared meals, is to offer the closest we can to home cooked meals, with the convenience of being ready to eat. We place specific emphasis on good food, presentation, consistency, and customer service. We have an excellent mix of products covering curries, pasta's, pub meals, salads, sauces and desserts. See our Online Shop for our full range.

Our premises in Malaga provide us with the facility which we need in order to prepare and produce our food in accordance with the highest standards possible.

Our business is HACCP accredited.

Unit 3, 252 Camboon Road,

MALAGA, WA, 6090

TEL: (08) 9248 7778 FAX: (08) 9248 7779


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